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Inspired by my Max Tilke Costume Patterns and Design book. This book, a much treasured massive tome of hand coloured plates, illustrating primitive and ethnic costume from all over the world. There is something infinitely pure and comforting about cutting a pattern like this. Although it may look like something a 3 year old could create, the mathematical poetry of proportion that seems to naturally appear from cutting in this way is surprisingly interesting and puts me in mind of it’s ancestry.

This garment needs to be worn very oversized. It has a collarless neckline which together with the large buttons hints at the retro mid century feel, the neckline edge has a suede binding. The skins are not dyed, so the colouring is graduated on the garment, coming from the natural darker fur along the back bone. The naturally coloured rabbit fur is a beautiful soft charcoal colour. The tannery has curled the fur producing an interesting finish.
This jacket can be worn inside out, displaying the bluey white leathery side.

  • Shaved and curled Spanish rabbit skin
  • Unlined
  • Mussel shell buttons
  • Free delivery via UPS
  • This garment is in stock

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